5 myths about Singapore (if you have not visited)

If you think you know who founded Singapore? Think again? What about the octagon shaped $1 coin? Was it just a myth that it was created because of superstition?… Read More 5 myths about Singapore (if you have not visited)


The Mural affair (part 1)

His name is Yip Yew Chong, he calls himself YC. He is not trained as an artist but his dream is to draw murals of his home (Chinatown and Tiong Bahru where he grew up and spent his precious childhood years). Through his murals, YC hopes to re-capture and re-create moments, places, scenes and events of Singapore’s past, those that were lost in time and bring them back to “life” for our younger generation to experience and the older ones to reminisce.… Read More The Mural affair (part 1)